​​​​ IMANA No.1 Soup is blended from the finest food ingredients and flavours to give a delicious and highly-versatile product that can be used on its own, or as a base for home-made soups and gravies. 

It works like a gravy powder, only better, as it adds taste as well as colour and thickening to gravies and sauces. Like packet soup, it is also a superb flavourant and thickener for stews, casseroles and bredies. On the other hand, IMANA No.1 Soup is fantastic as a coating for meats, potatoes and pumpkin etc. for frying or grilling.     
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FLAVOURS (100g & 200g & 400g): Brown Onion, Chilli Beef, Minestrone, Mutton, Oxtail, Rich Beef
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